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Datos Media has won the tender for the installation of a multi-continuity system of the new Valencian autonomous television

The new Valencian autonomous television is beginning to take their first steps to its creation. For any professional in this sector, the creation of a new media is always good news as it is a sign of economic and technological advance in the Spanish audiovisual sector.

In this occasion, Datos Media won the public tender of the Corporación Valenciana de Medios de Comunicación (CVMC) to carry out the project of the installation of a multi-continuity system. The television will count on the wide experience of the professionals of Datos Media together with important brands such as Pebble Beach, Provys and Grass Valley.

For Datos Media it is a pleasure to be able to form part of the creation of the new Valencianautonomous television.

Datos Media Technologies, Madrid, Spain is dedicated to serving the broadcast and multimediaproduction market with technology, integration and expertise in workflow implementation.The company is partnering with leading manufacturers in the broadcast and multimedia business sectors to provide the best proposition for customers on any required scale.


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