About Dan Technologies


Our business is enabling customers to create, systemise and deliver digital content to their viewers and listeners. At Dan Technologies, we strive to connect businesses with their core audiences, wherever they may be.

Today’s digital media landscape offers a diversity of new business opportunities through the exploitation of emerging technologies. Our goal is to create sustainable business solutions which are matched to our customers’ current requirements and inherently future-proof. This means embracing these new technologies, integrating them alongside established production architectures and creating compelling customer propositions. These propositions differentiate our customers in many of the world’s most demanding media markets.

Whether its the integration of IP-related, mobile or high definition technologies, we invest in knowledge, information and know-how so that we can be our customers’ trusted partner when it comes to infrastructure investment and operational expansion. Our deep industry knowledge ensures the best possible return on investment for our customers.

Our services, workflow systems and support infrastructure are enabling the broadcast and media industry and other associated sectors to do better business, increase efficiency, improve their users’ experience and capture new opportunities.

Technology is the core of our business. Dan Technologies’ engineers, researchers and operational teams around the world are continually working on what’s next in broadcast and electronic media. On our website you will find out more about our company, our vision, advances in technology and the ways that we can help you grow your business.


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