Sales Division profile

Following the `operate global, act local´ philosophy, Dan Technologies has established a number of regional operating companies, aiming to make specialist knowledge and regional experience available to its customers.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, we operate from premises in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. Danmon Group staff are dedicated specialists with proven experience in their technical fields and we always have an expert for your specific project in our worldwide organisation. Our aim is to continue building customer trust in our business.

Danmon Group companies have all evolved to become leading distributors and providers of products and solutions in the fields of professional video, transmission, satellite, IPTV and broadcast audio as well as professional audio for the entertainment business, post and film production, installation of communication systems in meeting rooms, auditoriums, boardrooms, conference facilities, control rooms and corporate TV-studios.

Soundware is an organisation set up to cater for the needs of professionals in the audio market. Founded in 1996 as a Danish company providing products to audio professionals, we expanded in 2001 to the rest of Scandinavia. Today Soundware operates in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Spain.

Our main focus is on high quality audio. We offer products and solutions for a number of applications covering broadcast, music and postproduction, contribution and distribution, live, radio and audio for film/ TV as well as intercom systems to, among others, the maritime market and the aerospace industry. Along with products and solutions, we provide services such as consultancy, system integration and technical support.

Soundware is your audio technology partner and delivers a range of products and services, from a single microphone to a complete turnkey studio.

Through its network of local offices, the Danmon Group provides a sophisticated technical and operational support infrastructure. Flexibility in support is key, enabling the customer to define a flexible service plan that meets their needs and budget. Key features include:

· Telephone support
· Firmware and software support
· Preventive support
· Management of third-party agreement
· On-site support
· Next day support