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Dan Technologies Group is a privately owned group of companies. It is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of audio, video and transmission products, and is investing in systems design, integration, configuration and implementation capabilities focused on a diversity of digital media solutions.

Dan Technologies is able to operate globally and act locally in support of its customers, with regional offices/companies in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal, North America and Vietnam. Over almost 40 years, it has evolved sophisticated distribution, sales, technical support, systems design, systems integration, configuration and systems installation operations teams. Also, the Group has invested in the development of application focused hardware and software within the broadcast market sector.

The Dan Technologies Group, with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, includes companies which are market leading suppliers of technical solutions for radio, television, Web, post-production and telecommunication.

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Providing the impetus that drives organisations forwards

Dan Technologies Group understands the international broadcast market. It supplies standalone products, design, integration, configuration and commissioning of production
facilities, outside broadcast vehicles and complete television and radio stations. Its recent project list includes the delivery of television broadcast studios, playout centers, newsrooms and satellite systems; and providing the complete infrastructure of television and radio stations for major broadcasters and service providers worldwide.

The Systems Integration Division operates internationally from offices in Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Asia.With worldwide operations, the Group’s manufacturing division includes NTP Technology which develops, manufactures and markets broadcast quality digital audio routers and control software. Also, Hiltron Communications which designs and manufactures professional controllers and other customer tailored electronic products for monitoring and control of communication and satellite equipment.

The Group continues to develop its areas of expertise through the acquisition and formation of companies with complementary interests. Dan Technologies Group is confident that it is the right size as a company - small enough to remain agile in today’s market,
large enough to support its medium term strategy without having to chase individual deals. Dan Technologies Group will be here for the long term, making it your trusted partner is a smart decision.