Manufacturing Division profile

The Dan Technologies Group prides itself on the depth and breadth of relationships it has with a broad range of international broadcast technology vendors. However, sometimes there are advantages to developing products and systems yourself.

Based in Germany, Hiltron is a leading international developer and manufacturer of satellite communication technology and related fields. It manufactures some of the market’s most advanced transmission-related equipment and controllers. In its manufacturing role, Hiltron designs and produces redundant system controllers, fiber-optic and waveguide switches, remote monitoring and control systems including SNMP, motoritsd antennas, satellite antenna de-ice controllers, L Band splitters and L Band matrices. Hiltron’s on-site facilities include a large technical operations area capable of accommodating satellite-link vehicles complete with antennas.

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, NTP Technology designs, develops, manufactures and distributes broadcast-quality digital audio routers and control software for the world market, as well as analogue/digital converters for use in television, radio and sound recording. Software and hardware development are a continual on-going process. To facilitate this, NTP Technology has recruited some of the most creative minds and experienced engineers in the broadcast industry. Hardware is manufactured by selected ISO-approved subcontractors for flexibility and the highest standards of quality. Final assembly, test and quality control are performed at NTP Technology’s premises by skilled engineers before shipment. DAD – Digital Audio Denmark is a leading developer and supplier of high quality analogue-to-digital and digital-to analogue converters. It is supported as a wholly-owned business unit and brand within NTP Technology.

Marquis Broadcast, founded in 1998 in London, United Kingdom, provides software integration products and services for many of the world’s largest media organisations.
We manage and enable tricky workflow integrations, dealing with systems from multiple manufacturers, to help resolve missing workflow pieces and mitigate risk in key integrations