Our Mission

We invest in knowledge, information and know-how

Ever since its establishment in 1981, Dan Technologies Group’s mission has been to become its customers’ most trusted partner, capable of influencing operational efficiency and bottom line profitability, whilst minimizing risk within core business activities.

At Dan Technologies, we strive to connect businesses with their core audiences, wherever they may be. Our core business is based around enabling customers to create, systemize and deliver media to their viewers and listeners.

Our goal is to create sustainable business models and business solutions for our customers that are fit-for-purpose today and will remain so long into the future. This means translating these new technologies, integrating them alongside established production architectures and creating compelling customer propositions. These propositions differentiate our customers in many of the world’s most demanding media markets.

We invest in knowledge, information and know-how, enabling us to become our customers’ trusted partner when it comes to infrastructure investment and operational expansion.