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TRR | 4K Hybrid Studio Production Solution

TRR | 4K Hybrid Studio Production Solution

TRR wanted to increase the production quality for all connected employees and members and wanted a future secured scalable easy operated high-end turnkey system solution.

RR offers expert assistance to redundant white-collar staff, employers and trade union representatives in the private sector and they do regular TV productions, interactive digital meetings, such as panel discussions and informational educational videos both onsite in their studio and as a request to be available remotely with interactive digital meeting produciton possibility.

Fredrik Fejde, responsible for this project explains: TRR media production is based on two studios as well as outdoor environment production and is controlled from one control room in Stockholm city in order to make interactive media production on the TRR streaming platform for various alliance unions, unemployed etc. which are connected to TRR.

The system solution is based on Panasonic 4K UE150 PTZ cameras and Panasonic ENG camera and Technopoint rail solution. Sennheiser wireless audio, Yamaha TF1 Audio Console with Dante stageboxes and  Blackmagic 8K Constellation switcher to act both as a switcher and router and even partial audio mixing.

FX Blue graphics system, simple graphics system for both designer and operator.

Distribution of SDI and network prepared for 12G based on Blackmagic 12G Optical Fiber converters with SFPs.

Most of the system will be controlled via macros on a StreamDeck panel to simplify production workflow for the operator.

Additional Quicklink STS410 hybrid switcher has been installed to create digitial interactive high-end meetings and productions possible with many simultaneosly participants with high-end both video and audio production at very low latency.

Pre-screen, control and manage guest participants in a conferencing room with additional participants that can view and listen to the live program in a virtual waiting room. This powerful hybrid switcher also includes the power of the cloud with custom overlays, as well as streaming and professional hardware broadcast outputs.

By slowly moving your PTZ camera sideways, you create a whole new depth in the image.

TRR wanted to increase the professional feeling in its productions by adding camera movement sideways. Panasonic Tuning became the solution.

Tuning is a robotic system that adds movement of PTZ cameras with motorized dollies and telescopic columns.

Tuning is fully integrated with Panasonic's PTZ cameras, in this case the AW-UE150 and controller AW-RP150.

The heart of the camera movement system is the Tuning S software and "Presets" can be easily created and recalled, so that the camera movement (Pan / Tilt / Zoom) is synchronized with the movement of the column and dolly.

The system is designed for one-man operation and thanks to a touch screen and a user-friendly interface based on thumbnails and keyframes, the operation is simple and secure.

This will possible be blueprinted as a solution for TRR and other locations in Sweden in the future. The project is done by Danmon Group Sweden AB and Foxway Sverige.

Kontakta Fredrik Fejde for mer information på +46 8544 76 440 eller E-mail: