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System of LED screens renewal in the main sets of RTVE by Datos Media

System of LED screens renewal in the main sets of RTVE by Datos Media

Madrid, Spain, July 15th , 2021 –  Datos Media has completed the integration of an entire LED screen monitoring system for TVE's news set. High-end products have been chosen from Alfalite, a Spanish company with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, together with technology from NovaStar.

The project encompassed two separate locations: RTVE Torrespaña and RTVE Prado del Rey.


A total of 4 screens of different lengths (4, 7, 9 and 15 metres) with a height of 2.5 metres have been installed and configured, distributed across the main information services set. The largest screen has a length of 14 metres and a resolution of 9,830,400 pixels (7680 x 1280 active). The total screen surface area installed on this set is close to 90 square metres, using 350 ModularPix Pro 1 modules from Alfalite with corresponding processing and scaling systems from NovaPro from NovaStar. A NovaPro UHD integrates video processing, sending to LED screens up to 3840 x 2160 resolution and to the control system in a single product. The NovaPro UHD has multiple 4K inputs, and 4K send capability.


A total of 15 screens (curved and flat) have been installed across various sets used for producing “La Mañana de la 1”, “A partir de hoy”, “La aventura del saber”,“Aquí la tierra”,“ Corazón ”and“ España Directo ”. For the latter, the largest curved screen has been configured with a length of 14 metres and a total resolution of 6,414,336 pixels (5568 x 1152 active). The installed screen area is close to 200 square metres with a total of 769 Alfalite Modularpix Pro P2 2.6 modules and their corresponding processing and scaling systems such as the Alfalite LVP4K. The image processing and scaling system is made up of Alfalite’s LVP4Ks and NovaStar’s ‘all-in-one’ VX4s. In the case of the LVP4K, it allows a configuration of up to 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs with support for UHD resolutions and with up to 8 DVI outputs that feed the display controllers, a task carried out by the NovaStar MCTRL600 equipment which is capable of handling up to 2.3 million of pixels.

All the screens at both locations have a robust structure to support their weight and size. All are equipped with protected power supplies.

The entire installation has been carried out without interrupting the production of the news or programmes. It was necessary to carry out exhaustive planning and a deployment of important human and technical resources to guarantee seamless continuity of operation. “Alfalite technology was ideal for this demanding project," says Rafael Zapardiel of Datos' Media Sales department. We chose the company's ModularPix Pro 1 modules which have already proved an excellent solution to the needs that arose in other RTVE sets. They now providing a visualization and scenography system that, in one case, goes up to 8K horizontal resolution. This forms a superb visual solution giving for use during the broadcast of the RTVE news. ”

About Datos Media Technologies

Datos Media Technologies is a company dedicated to providing technology, consulting, integration, training and support to build and improve workflow for the broadcast industry. It was founded in 2013 by David Martínez and Tomas Nielsen, both professionals with a long professional career, and the Danmon group that has more than 35 years of experience and a consolidated position in different international broadcast markets.

About RTVE (Radio Televisión Española)

RTVE is the national public television of Spain. It was created in 1946 and currently broadcasts on a dozen channels between TDT and Satelite.It is based in Madrid in Torrespaña and Prado del Rey, in addition to having various delegations throughout the Spanish and world geography.

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