Hiltron Integrates Large-Scale High-Throughput Satellite Monitoring System

Hiltron Integrates Large-Scale High-Throughput Satellite Monitoring System

Hiltron Communications announces the conclusion of a major systems integration project for a leading European satellite network operator. The new systems have been delivered to 50 sites around the world where they are being used for continuous quality of service monitoring of high-throughput satellites.

Hiltron has supplied each of the 50 sites with a compact 12U rack populated with the monitoring equipment. The systems delivered are located at monitoring sites across North America, South and Central America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Each system includes a Hiltron HCS-4 satellite communication controller which is designed to form the central control element for a wide range of satcom applications. These include switchover between devices such as downconverters, high power amplifiers, waveguides, MPEG digital video broadcast encoders and integrated receiver/decoders.

The HCS-4 can also be used to control and monitor optical-fibre transceivers and antenna heaters. Other features include an N-1 redundancy switch and BUC/HPA controller, an LNB supply, a 2-1 LNB redundancy switch controller, plus a GPS-synchronised fully redundant low-noise 10 MHz reference generator.

Hiltron's HCS-4 satellite communication controller is available as a 2U high 19 inch rack mount unit with main and backup power supplies plus 13 slots for active modules. Also available are two chassis mountable frames accommodating up to 6 or up to 14 active modules.

All three versions can be powered from 24 volts DC and are operated via an intuitive HTML-based graphic interface. Modules are hot-pluggable to allow easy exchange. Any new or replaced module is automatically sensed and its address registered. All units in the family have SNMP remote control, hot-swappable dual redundant power supply and an internal data bus.

Founded in 1979, Hiltron Communications (www.hiltron.de) is a world leading satcom equipment manufacturer and system integrator operating from modern purpose-built headquarters based in Backnang near Stuttgart. Hiltron's ISO 9001 certified on-site facilities include a purpose-designed integration area for ground systems, large antenna solutions and SNG vehicles. Hiltron also has its own research and development department and satellite antenna test plant. Customers can rely on Hiltron's experience in designing system solutions using the company's own and various multivendor products. Hiltron offers a wide range of customer-focused services covering every aspect of the modern satellite communication business.

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